This Song: John Doe // Jeff Klein

John Doe fronts the LA punk band X, has a thriving solo career,  has acted in movies and TV and now is an author. He just released a book called “Under the Big Black Sun,” that chronicles the L.A. punk scene from the perspective of the folks who were there. In this episode of This Song he talks about how hearing Lead Belly as a kid gave him a glimpse of the weirdness and darkness that lay beyond the mainstream.

Then Jeff Klein from My Jerusalem talks about how a song by  The Replacements  took him from Neil Diamond and hair bands into the world of music that he genuinely loved and that would eventually inspire him to make music of his own.

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Check out “Under the Big Black Sun”

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Watch  My Jerusalem perform “Born in the Belly” live on VuHaus

Watch My Jerusalem perform “Sweet Chariot” live on VuHaus

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