KUTX Holiday Mix: Dec. 22-25

Holiday music is ubiquitous. Our turkey dinners have barely had time to digest before we start hearing it everywhere. These days, it seems you can’t buy groceries or a giant television without your ears being assaulted by the forced cheer of Mariah Carey or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Hey – let it be known that we’ve got nothing against either – but here at KUTX, we strive to bring you a holiday mix that’s more in line with what you normally hear on our airwaves.

Prefer to spend the holidays with the likes of The Shins, XTC, The Pretenders, Willie Nelson, Heartless Bastards, Aimee Mann, and Johnny Cash? Then spend the holidays with KUTX. Beginning December 22nd at 6 A.M., KUTX will go wall-to-wall holiday music, without the cheese (unless it’s, you know, ironic cheese. We like that flavor.) And we’ll keep at until midnight on December 25th.

Tune in to KUTX starting at 6 A.M. on December 22. Heading out of town for the holidays? You can stream our holiday mix from anywhere in the world, and view the playlist, too.

It’s our way of saying Happy Holidays! (And it also might be our way of getting a few days off work.)

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