Part 3: How They Do It (cont.)

KUTX Volunteer Orientation

Part 3: How They Do It (cont.)

In this section, you’ll learn about our volunteer portal. You may wish to bookmark this page for reference.


KUTX uses a volunteer scheduling platform called Shiftboard. With Shiftboard, you can:

  • Self-select the shifts you want to work
  • Check the calendar for upcoming opportunities
  • Be notified by email whenever a new event is posted to the calendar
  • Join Teams based on your interests
  • Easily keep track of when you’re scheduled to volunteer


Here’s how to get started in Shiftboard, so you can begin volunteering for KUTX.

Step 1: Create Your Shiftboard Account

  • Create a Shiftboard account using this link.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, check your email. You’ll receive two automated emails from Shiftboard: the first will include a link to confirm your registration, and the second will include a temporary password. (If the email tells you that you already have a password, you’ve probably already registered with us in the past. Contact the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator to have your password resent to you.)
  • Once you have your temporary password from Shiftboard, log in and update your password to something you’ll remember.

PLEASE NOTE: Shiftboard charges KUT/KUTX a fee per user. Because our volunteers are so crucial to the work we do, it’s a fee we don’t mind paying! However, if you register but don’t volunteer at least once within one year of signing up, we’ll delete your Shiftboard account. (If you want to come back, no worries: all you have to do is register again on the KUT/KUTX Shiftboard.)

Step 2: Create Your Profile

  • Click on MyAccount in the navigation bar.
  • Make sure your contact info is correct, and fill out your profile.
  • Please add a profile picture in which you’re clearly identifiable – it helps our staff find and recognize you at events!

Step 3: Join the KUTX Street Team 

As you now well know, in order to volunteer for KUTX, you need to join teams. If you simply register but don’t join teams, you won’t ever be notified of volunteer opportunities, and won’t be able to sign up for them. The KUTX Street Team is the most basic volunteer team. All KUTX volunteers should join the KUTX Street Team, as this is often how important information is communicated to all KUTX volunteers. If you’re not on this team, you may miss out on special opportunities (like occasional ticket giveaways!)

  • Open your account, then choose “Add Teams” in the sidebar on the right:
  • Select the KUTX Street Team from the list, then click “Add Me Now” in the sidebar.

Once you’ve joined the KUTX Street Team, you’ll be eligible to volunteer for KUTX Street Team events, which mostly consist of hanging banners at live music shows around town. If you’re happy to only volunteer hanging a banner at an occasional concert, you don’t need to join any additional teams. However, if you want more opportunities to volunteer and are comfortable talking to people about KUTX, you’ll want to also join the KUTX Ambassador Team, which will be covered on the next page. (Keep going even if you don’t plan on joining additional teams – there’s more useful information about Shiftboard ahead!)


You’ve joined teams and you’re ready to volunteer! Now what?

  • Shifts will be posted to the KUT/KUTX Shiftboard Calendar, which you’ll be able to view based on Team affiliation (i.e., if you’re not on the KUTX Ambassador Team, you won’t see KUTX Ambassador Team events on your calendar.)
  • Every time KUTX posts a volunteer opportunity to the Shiftboard calendar, you’ll get a notification about it, depending on your Team affiliation.
    There’s no need to reply to the email unless you have a question. (IMPORTANT: Receiving or replying to an email DOES NOT mean you’re signed up for the shift! If you want to work the shift, you have to claim it on the calendar.)
  • Most shifts are open for claiming. However, occasionally a shift will be posted as “sign up list,” particularly if it’s an in-demand opportunity. For these, you’ll sign up to express interest in working the shift, and you’ll receive a message to let you know whether or not you were selected. (The shift will clearly indicate if this is the case.)

Viewing the Calendar

Log in to Shiftboard and select “Calendar.” You can view by day, week, or month. Available shifts will appear WHITE (with red text); shifts that have already been claimed will appear GREEN. (Yes, we agree that’s a bit counter-intuitive.) IMPORTANT: You must be in Shared View to see claimed (green) shifts. Shift view will show you open shifts only; Shared view will show you claimed shifts. If you receive an email notification but don’t see anything on the calendar, you’re probably in Shift View. Switch to Shared View (and be sure to also clear any search filters you might have enabled) to see shifts that have been claimed.

Claiming Shifts

To claim an open (WHITE) shift, click on the shift and select “Take This Shift.”

If you sign up but suddenly remember you have another commitment, you can simply unconfirm yourself within 30 minutes of signing up. If it’s been more than 30 minutes, please do not unconfirm – instead, select “Trade” to trade it with another volunteer. (Or you can email the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator and they’ll take care of it.) IMPORTANT: Do not trade within 48 hours of a shift – that is considered an emergency cancellation and should be done by phone only. If you attempt to trade a shift but aren’t able to, the shift may be designated “no trade,” which means you’ll need to contact the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator.


Looking for a volunteer opportunity? You can also select “Tradeboard” under OPPORTUNITY in the toolbar to see if there are any shifts up for trade. If there are, you can claim the shift by selecting “Take Shift.” When a volunteer posts a shift to Tradeboard, Shiftboard will also notify you by email.


If you need additional assistance with Shiftboard, you can email the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator to schedule a few minutes for a walk-through by phone.


You’re almost done with this orientation! The next (and final) page will take you all of one minute to read. But you’ll definitely want to read it because it contains information about some really fun additional teams you can join, plus a way to let us know you’ve completed the orientation.

Final Stop: Part 4 – Additional Opportunities