KUTX at Home: Brendan Benson 6.3.20

KUTX at Home

KUTX at Home: Brendan Benson 6.3.20

Posted by on May 29, 2020

Even during an extended hiatus to be with family, while enjoying multiple successes working as both producer and collaborator in numerous other projects, the songs just kept coming for Brendan Benson.

Well, of course they did. There’s no stopping the creative mind. In 2017, he penned what would become one of eleven badass tracks to grace the album he didn’t even know was on the way at the time, “Half A Boy (And Half A Man),”on his seventh solo studio release, Dear Life. And what spectacular pop perfection it is, with an expanse across a wider spectrum beyond the pop realm, immersed in different aesthetics and influences from all directions.

Dear Life is out now, available through Third Man Records, and on Bandcamp.

Join KUTX’s Third Man Records freak Laurie Gallardo as she chats with Benson about Dear Life‘s instinctive flow; the creative process and “running around like a mad scientist”; and remembering how to actually enjoy oneself when it comes to making music. All that, and the ultimate realization that nerds shall inherit the earth. Watch the full interview below.

-Laurie Gallardo