KUTX Free Week Showcase at Cheer Up Charlie’s hosted by Confucius, Fresh & Taylor

Location: Cheer Up Charlies

Date: Jan 6, 2023

Time: 8pm

KUTX 10th Birthday

KUTX showcase featuring some of our favorite up-and-comers at the Red River Cultural District’s annual Free Week concert series.

(Find the full three day Free Week schedule HERE)

8:30 PM – Como Las Movies

Como Las Movies backstage at the KUTX tent at Austin City Limits Music Festival on Oct. 15, 2022. Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX

The pandemic hit pause on Nelson Valente Aguilar’s long-running and easy-grooving Como Las Movies project, and during that time their singer moved on. “I did not have any interest in having to search for a [new] singer,” explains Aguilar. “After a DJ gig with my drummer in Mexico City last December, he suggested that we should come back and play a gig. My response was, ‘What about a singer?’ He responds with a simple ‘You’.” Since then, the reactivated band has hit the ground running. A new single, “Cafe”, appeared in September, and in October, they played ACL Fest  and were the KUTX Artist of the Month. And now the band has signed to Dissent Records, with a 45 due out in February 2023. In addition, they have a “long EP” in the works, due out next summer. “Which”, Aguilar explains, “ could turn into an album, but I’ll see which songs stick around.”
– Jeff McCord

9:40 PM – Skateland

Austin bills itself as the live music capital of the world, and that’s a major reason up-and-coming artists come here. In the case of singer-songwriter and producer Dorian Williams II (AKA Skateland), his path to Austin, from Las Vegas includes being a student at UT. Music has been a part of his life from the beginning. He played the piano and drums in the church and received a guitar from his grandfather to further his musical talent. His first EP, New Wave Revival comes out this February, and Skateland is looking to add his own identity and history to the Austin Music Experience.
– Confucius Jones

10:30 PM – Redbud

The seeds of Redbud were planted during the pandemic, nurtured by the soft bedroom pop sounds of Katie Clagan. Once released into the wild, Redbud’s popularity spread like your favorite spider plant. They became regulars on the stages of Hole in the Wall and Swan Dive. Their catchy noodle hooks, paired with Clagan’s Elizabeth Fraser-like vocals, are magnetic enough to make you stop in your tracks and turn towards the stage (which I know from personal experience). Their debut EP Long Night is out February 24th. – Taylor Wallace-Riegle

11:15 PM – 10pmtoclose

I can’t say it any better than their bio: “Inspired by 80s chart toppers, 70s Disco, and modern electronic music, 10pmtoclose brings quintessential, syncopated grooves topped with guitar chops, synthesizer layers, on point bass, and dreamy electronic pianos. 10pmtoclose has created a Midnight aesthetic that fits between the high-energy dance floor and neon-lit back alleys.” One of my favorites of 2022 is their collaboration track “Osaka”. Founder/producer Chris Daschke will round out the evening with a dance party featuring collaborators Moody Bank$, Jonny Jukebox, and Moni’ye.

– Deidre Gott