All ATX at ACL Live

The 8th Annual HAAM Benefit Day is this Tuesday, September 24, and it culminates with All ATX – The Concert at ACL Live featuring a once in a lifetime lineup of musicians from the live music capital of the world. The lineup includes Ray Benson, Quiet Company, Jimmie Vaughan, Monte Mongtomery, Eric Johnson, and Christopher Cross, to name a few, and the concert will be a unique chance for Austin to see all of their local favorites together on one stage. The night will also showcase unique collaborations from the ALL ATX CD, which will be released Sept. 16th and will feature up to 15 unique tracks with many artists playing on each other’s recordings.

We here at KUTX are lucky enough to have two All ATX artists in our studio this week: Quiet Company and Monte Mongtomery.

Quiet Company is practically a household name here in Austin and they have fans all over the world, in part thanks to an unconventional promotional partnership. Taylor Muse started the band in 2005, but they got their big break when they joined with Grooveshark for an experimental artist development partnership in 2011, after which they gained an international following – their Facebook fans jumped from about 2,500 to over 50,000 in just six months. Muse and bandmates Tommy Blank (guitar), Matt Parmenter (bass), Jeff Weathers (drums), and Cody Ackors (trombone) are known for their explosive, fun live shows, and they have played music festivals across the country. Their most recent album, A Dead Man On My Back: Shine Honey Revisited is a re-recording of their debut album, Shine Honey. They were in our studio this past Monday, and you can check out the audio below!

Monte Montgomery is a bona-fide guitar legend. He first began to receive some well-deserved recognition after doing a taping for the Austin City Limits program, after which his career blew up. He was named one of the “Top 50 Greatest Guitar Players of All Time” by Guitar Player Magazine soon after his ACL performance, and he earned seven consecutive Austin Music Awards. There’s more to Montgomery than legendary guitar skills, however – he is also a talented singer and songwriter, and a skilled music arranger, to boot. His tunes are a mix of dark, edgy rock and breezier, pop-like melodies, and his folk-tinged songwriting makes for some truly remarkable music. He performs in our studio this week; be sure to check back here for a recording of his performance!

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