KUTX Live: Robyn Hitchcock @ SXSW

Just when you thought we had given you all we had to give from the SXSW 2013 Music goings-on, we’re bringing you more music awesomeness. If you missed any of the KUTX Live at the Four Seasons Showcase, or if you just want to catch it again, you have come to the right place! Below, you will find audio and video from the artist’s set. Enjoy!

10AM Thursday, 3.14.13- Robyn Hitchcock 

Singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock has been an enduring presence in music for the past thirty years, performing with the Soft Boys, the Egyptians, the Venus 3, and as a solo artist. Throughout his illustrious career, his music has been marked by a particular brand of alt rock/pop colored by surrealist and sometimes comedic lyrics. Hitchcock’s somewhat oddball tunes have earned him quite the fan following, along with excellent critical reception. His latest album, Love from London, is due out on March 5th and is sure to be full of more of Hitchcock’s wonderful idiosyncrasies.

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