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digital-download-mp3Before you get started with your download of KUTX Live Vol. 3, we just wanted to say thank you again for being a member of this public radio station. We couldn’t do what we do 24/7 if it weren’t for listeners like you.

To begin your download, simply enter your “MP3″ code into the below field and click submit. You’ll then have a clickable link for the zip file.
[download-code id=”KUTX Live Volume 3 MP3 quality”]

The zip file contains all the tracks from the CD. Click on the link to begin the download. Your computer will either automatically download the file to your Downloads folder or you will be prompted to make a choice to Open, Save or Cancel.

Once the zip file has downloaded completely it may prompt you to open it. If it doesn’t, locate the file and double click to open. All songs from the CD are in this one file. When you open the file they will extract from the zip file, likely into the same folder on your computer, and you will be able to listen to them.

All the tracks are high-quality MP3 files encoded at 320 kbps. Your computer may play them with iTunes, Windows Media Player, or one of many other audio players. The tracks will also play on your iPod as well as most MP3 audio players and mobile devices.

Mac users please note: We’ve been alerted that with some browser versions the downloaded file isn’t being renamed to correctly. It’s staying as To fix this simply rename the document file to or or anything with .zip on it at the end. Your Mac will then use its Archive Utility to open and extract the files into a folder by the same name. That’s where you’ll find your MP3 files.

How to rename a file in Finder

Most Macs will make the filename field editable if you click once to highlight the file, pause a beat, and then click on it a second time. You should then be able to use your cursor or arrow keys to get to the end of the current filename and add .zip to it. Your Mac will likely then ask you to confirm this change.

Another way is to click once on the file to highlight it. Then go to the File –> Get Info menu item. Midway down is Name & Extension. Rename it to whatever you want so long as it has .zip at the end. Sorry about this!

If you’re having trouble with downloading, you can contact our tech support or return to the Digital Downloads page to start over.