Löwin: “Ghost of Mine”

Music Video Premiere

Löwin: “Ghost of Mine”

Posted by on Jul 16, 2018

Austin’s Löwin (German for lioness) are deft at channeling the powerful and gentle duality of their namesake. In their latest single, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Sarah Houser’s haunting vocals fuel the fire of the slow-burning rock instrumentation surrounding it that eventually bellows into matching (and at times washing over) her fierce energy creating a force that sneaks up on you…then pounces. Shot by the increasingly-ubiquitous Bennett Creative, at first glance, the video seems to simply shed a sympathetic light on the challenges of the common realtor rarely seen outside of Annette Bening or Peggy Hill, but there’s something much more haunting happening But, as we see, haunted doesn’t have to be horrifying.

Catch Löwin’s single release show Thursday, July 19th at Mohawk.

Shot by Andrew and Dorothy Bennett of Bennett Creative
“Ghost of Mine” recorded at Good Danny’s (Lockhart, TX)
Produced and engineered by Adam Mason
Mastered by Max Lorenson