My KUTX: Good Field

Artist of the Month

My KUTX: Good Field

Posted by on Jan 26, 2018

Good Field is the KUTX Artist of the Month for January. Esteban Cruz (left) and Paul Price (center, right), photographed by Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX.

On its new album, Austin’s Good Field takes its indie rock widescreen. Surface Tension alludes to the push and pull of a band refining its sound, paying homage to its roots while seeking out bigger territory. This week on My KUTX, Good Field’s singer/guitarist Paul Price and drummer Esteban Cruz show where the tension in the band’s sound comes from with a guest DJ set of influences. Tune in on Saturday, January 27, 6-7 p.m. or listen anytime at the bottom of the page.

–Art Levy // producer, My KUTX


1. The Sonics – “Shot Down”

2. Arthur Russell – “Instrumentals, Vol. 1, Pt. 1”

3. New Order – “Age Of Consent”

4. Twin Peaks – “Wanted You”

5. Yo La Tengo – “Autumn Sweater”

6. Al Green – “I’m Still In Love With You”

7. Abram Shook – “Coastal”

8. Phil Collins – “Take Me Home”

9. Royal Forest – “Everyone Who Knows You”

10. Tom Petty – “Yer So Bad”

11. White Denim – “Keys”

12. The Lijadu Sisters – “Come On Home”