Introducing Pause/Play from KUT & KUTX


Introducing Pause/Play from KUT & KUTX

Posted by on Sep 14, 2020

What happens to the live music capital of the world, when there’s no live music? Hosts Elizabeth McQueen and Miles Bloxson explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted live music in Austin, Texas and beyond. In each episode listeners will hear from people across the spectrum of the live music ecosystem about their personal experiences, survival strategies, adaptations and what they think is possible on the other side of this pandemic.

What happened to Austin’s live music scene after the shutdown of SXSW?

EPISODE 1: The Pause

On March 6th, 2020 the Austin City government canceled SXSW.  That decision had an economic ripple effect throughout the city. It also marked the true beginning of the COVID-19 crisis for Austin. In this episode, hosts Miles Bloxson and Elizabeth McQueen explore why Austin calls itself the Live Music Capital of the World.  They’ll look at the effect that the cancellation of SXSW and the subsequent shut down of the bars had on Austin through the experiences of some of the musicians, venue owners, venue staff, and music non-profits who make up this live music ecosystem.

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Pause/Play Host Bios:

photo by Martin Do Nascimento

Elizabeth McQueen:

Elizabeth McQueen is an audio producer and podcast host at KUTX 98.9, Austin’s NPR music station. McQueen is also the host of the podcast This Song,” as well as the producer for The Breaks,” a hip-hop podcast. Prior to a career in public radio and podcasting, McQueen was a professional musician who started and played for the band,“Elizabeth McQueen and the Firebrands,” and a member of the legendary Western Swing band, “Asleep at the Wheel.”  


photo by Gabriel C. Pérez

Miles Bloxson:

Miles Bloxson is an on-air talent and podcast producer/host for KUT 90.5 & KUTX 98.9.  The Austin,Texas native and University of Texas graduate has a passion for technology, music and pop culture.  She has interviewed such Hollywood stars as Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson, Kristin Chenoweth, Morgan Freeman, Cee-Lo Green, Forest Whitaker, Robert Townsend and many more. She is the host and creator of her very own podcast and lifestyle brand Miles To Mogul.