Julian Lennon Talks New Album With Jody Denberg

By Jody Denberg      

Julian Lennon’s new album, JUDE – his first since 2011 – is the sound of a man coming to terms with a heavy legacy and emerging renewed as both an artist and a person. JUDE is also a full-circle moment for the son of Beatle John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia. Most know that the Fab Four classic “Hey Jude” was written by Paul McCartney to console “Jules” after his parent’s marriage ended.  The singer-songwriter embraces his history with the JUDE title and is now moving forward.

“Making JUDE was truly a journey through my life and through all the questions I’ve had—not only for the world but for myself. It’s very much like looking in a mirror all these years later.”

Julian Lennon

       Since his 1984 hit debut Valotte brought him into the listening public’s consciousness, Julian Lennon has issued a string of releases with an identifiable polished sound, while simultaneously exploring other artistic realms (photography, documentary filmmaking, authoring books) as well as the philanthropic pursuits of his White Feather Foundation. JUDE finds Julian revisiting unfinished songs from over the last thirty years and bringing them into the present, a creative process that sparked new music as well.

Julian Lennon releases JUDE on September 9 via BMG.


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