Alvvays 10.17.17

Hailing from Toronto, singer-songwriter Molly Rankin comes from a family of Celtic folk musicians. Growing up writing songs with keyboardist Kerri MacLellan, Rankin turned toward other musical genres, bonding with guitarist and partner Alec O’Hanley over C86-descended pop. While Alvvays’s music is inspired, it’s hardly derivative. Rankin’s synth melancholy connects with listeners through its themes of lost love, but also through its honesty and sense of humor. Their latest album, Antisocialitesexpands the band’s sound with lush production and pulsing beats–ramping up to tracks that could be described as bonafide garage rock. Rankin’s saccharine voice floats above the instruments, especially in the title track, “In Undertow.” Her singing really brings the track together and makes you feel like you’re being carried by the tide–each drum fill a crashing wave. Alvvays stopped by studio 1A on Tuesday to tug at our heartstrings; if you missed their performance, give it a listen below!

– Harold Urteaga

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