Bad Veins in Studio 1a 11/16/12

Cincinnati indie duo Bad Veins didn’t set out seeking to be professional musicians, they just sort of stumbled into it. Frontman Benjamin Davis started out using the name “Bad Veins” for his solo act. His future bandmate, Sebastien Schultz, was in attendance at his debut show under the Bad Veins moniker. That early show had some of the current hallmarks of Bad Veins: the use of a telephone and a megaphone to filter vocals, and backing tracks played on Irene the reel-to-reel tape player. At the show, Sebastien talked over the music and left early, not entirely impressed by the performance. Despite the insult, Davis later invited him to jam, and the rest was history. Today, the duo has released two EPs and two albums worth of their indie rock sound, and have toured all over. Their tour brought them to Austin on Friday. While they were here, they took the time to stop by KUT and record a live session in Studio 1a. Check it out now!


“Don’t Run” [audio:|titles=Bad Veins Don’t Run]

“Nursery Rhyme”  [audio:|titles=Bad Veins Nursery Rhyme]

“If Then”  [audio:|titles=Bad Veins If Then]

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