Best in Studio 1A: January 2019

Every month we’ve got a lot going on us here at KUTX and we know you do too. It’s hard to keep up with all the Studio 1A performances, Artist of the Month, guest DJs, This Song episodes, KUTX presents events, etc, etc. To help us help you we’ve called upon one of the greatest organizational techniques made popular by the internet: the list!

So here’s our month in review; perhaps you missed something, maybe you forgot all about a killer performance amongst the whirlwind of media flying into our faces everyday. So take some time and reflect on January 2019 with us.


LA-by-way-of-Austin’s Mamalarky sound like a welcomed guzzle of cool water after prolonged dehydration.

Shy Beast 

Our Artist of the Month serving up indie-dream-pop to die for.

Go Fever

Revel in the razor-tongued, indie-pop-tinted sounds of local “dawlins.”

Bob Mould

Legendary alternative rock musician of Husker Du & Sugar fame.

Laura Gibson

Internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter .

Terry Allen

Lubbock, Texas raised visual artist and songwriter .

Dem Atlas

Out of Minneapolis’s singular hip-hop scene, where boom-bap never went out of style and raw honesty still beats flashy materialism.


…and so many more like  husband and wife indie pop duo DEGA, East and West co-mingle harmoniously in Indian-American; and Austin-based musician, Nagavalli. Check out our calendar for more upcoming artists playing in Studio 1A!

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