Caroline Rose @ KUTX 9.29.14

If you were looking for a candy-coated Nashville sweetheart you just might want to forgive those aspirations for the tart-cider infused Caroline Rose. At the time of the Trayvon Martin case, Rose worked in a cider distillery and lived in a barn. When the shooting occurred, Trayvon Martin was carrying a bag of skittles. It’s the trivialities of day-to-day that made the violence meaningful to the self-proclaimed “failed scholar and modern-day hobo.” From the perspective of Trayvon Martin comes a rockabilly riot titled “Blood on Your Bootheels” with a music video starring an assortment of skittles. Leave it to this Northeast maven to make even the most serious music sound fun and dirty in a very gritty way. Caroline Rose is now on her tour through the U.S. states her music draws from- the deep American south with a dip into great big Texas. Catch Rose at the Cactus Cafe Tuesday September 30 at 8p.m.

-Shannon Williams

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