Cotton Mather 5.23.17

Cotton Mather may look like the Rolling Stones and sound like the Beatles but they have a brand of charismatic indie rock that is all their own. Originally formed as an art rock duet, the band spent most of the 90s honing their energetic, guitar driven sound. After going on hiatus in 2003, Cotton Mather reformed in 2012 with perhaps their most ambitious undertaking to date. Drawing from his studies of the I Ching book of ancient Chinese wisdom, Harrison plans on releasing 64 tracks as a sort of spiritual homage. Their latest release Wild Kingdom marks the near half-way point on this project. True to form Wild Kingdom is filled with strong vocal harmonies, bouncing guitar and songs about the human experience. Tracks like “Better than a Hit” compare letting go of a sour relationship with the I Ching practice of removing evil. The result is catchy, heartfelt and downright enchanting. Cotton Mather brought their glorious indie rock to Studio 1A ahead of their release show at 3Ten, check it out below!


– Georgina Cook

**Upcoming Shows**

5/24 @ 3ten (Album release show)

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