Dave Madden at KUTX 1.30.14

Dave Madden is like sunshine on a summer’s day. Amidst the abundance of wonderful singer-songwriters coming out of Austin, Dave stands out. His songs are catchy and accessible, yes, but also heavy with meaning and charged with emotional content. The man is a wordsmith and this talent helped win him Best Austin Record in 2010. The record, Open-Eyed & Broken Wide is a a double disc download (no physical CD), which includes an illustrated booklet with lyrics and the stories behind those lyrics. The record is a beautiful token of Madden’s exploration of life,  love, and finding his way in the world. He draws inspiration from poets (T.S. Eliot, Allen Ginsberg, etc.) and even folks like Leonard Cohen and Victor Lebow, a 20th-century economist and retail analyst. You owe it to yourself and your ears to get to know the music of Dave Madden. He’ll be playing his first show of the new year February 1  at Strange Brew (8 p.m.).

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