deM atlaS 1.23.19

photo by Julia Reihs

When Joshua Turner was a kid growing up in a dysfunctional home in Minneapolis there were two things that he’d turn to for comfort when his parents fought: the Fugees records he’d listen to on a loop to drown out their conflict and the atlas he’d pore over to pretend he was anywhere else. Today Turner’s all grown up, but his sources of childhood refuge continue to play an integral role in his life. His new album Bad Actress is only the latest in a string of releases–including the 9-song EP DWNR that, according to Pitchfork, “splits the difference on ‘depressed’ and ‘party mode.’” From the grime-caked beats to the confessional lyrics to the supercharged guitars laced throughout, Bad Actress is an album that’s deeply rooted in Minneapolis’s singular hip-hop scene, where boom-bap never went out of style and raw honesty still beats flashy materialism. deM atlaS made a quick stop in Studio 1A to share some of the new music while in town for a show at Emo’s. Scroll down to get the goods and be sure to keep him on your radar!


Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove & Jake Perlman

Host: Laurie Gallardo


Bad Loves Company”
Cameras: Julia Reihs, Juan Figueroa, Tristan Ipock; Edit: Julia Reihs

Cameras: Julia Reihs, Juan Figueroa, Tristan Ipock; Edit: Tristan Ipock

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