Francesco Mastromatteo 4.18.18

Italian cellist Francesco Mastromatteo is more than just a talented musician. He is a full-fledged music historian. He plays each piece with not only musicality, but with a deeper understanding of what the composer intended. The first piece he played by Italian composer and cellist Alfredo Piatti, Capriccio Op. 25, is called the Chopin of cello pieces. The way Chopin encourages pianists to extend their fingers to the full range of the piano is what Piatti has done for the cello. For his second piece, Mastromatteo performed the first movement of Hindemith’s Sonata for Cello Op. 25, which he describes as a piece that asks not what emotion we’re feeling, but why and how do we feel it? These philosophical questions serve to add complexity and seriousness to Mastromatteo’s tone and prove his unyielding respect to these great composers. Francesco Mastromatteo will be performing at Oakhill United Methodist Church’s “Love Concert” benefitting the Interfaith Action of Central Texas for Refugees on April 21, and make sure to listen to his Studio 1A session below!

-Eileen Wolfowicz



April 21 at 7 PM – Free Admission

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