Jeff Plankenhorn 5.13.16

Jeff Plankenhorn began his Studio 1A performance with an electric benediction–a high powered cover of the Isaac Hayes penned, Sam and Dave performed “You Got Me Hummin’.'” Sam and Dave were the epitome of gospel music turned secular, and a fitting place to begin for Plankenhorn who found his voice in his boyhood choir. However, if there’s anything that pulls attention away from his soulful roar its his custom made stand-up lap steel guitar, dubbed “the Plank,” and the transcendent wails he summons from it.

Around town, Plankenhorn has been the go-to-guitarist for recordings and live touring for a number of Texas stars, but his new record SoulSlide firmly plants his solo work among the giants he’s worked with in the past. Get a taste at the bottom of the page.


–Ryan Wen

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