Matt the Electrician 05.09.2016

Early on in his songwriting career Matt the Electrician would show up at venues sweaty in his work clothes, trading electrical wires for strings. Now he spends his full time writing and playing folk songs filled with his personal experiences. Born on the West Coast, Matt Server grew up listening to artists like John Denver and Pete Seeger. His own music mixes smokey vocals and plucky acoustic guitars and banjos with lyrics filled with love and anguish. Think a cross between Bob Dylan and Marcus Mumford. Matt is currently putting out a series of six 7″s of new recorded music, his way of getting his new material into fans hands as quickly as possible.

Matt the Electrician stopped by Studio 1A and played a set of some of his music for us. He will be playing a show at Cactus Cafe, Friday, May 13th with Dana Falconberry and will be releasing his third 7″ at the show so be sure to get tickets while they’re available! If you missed his live performance and wanted to hear it, you’re in luck, you can stream it right here, on KUTX.

-Andrew Conroy

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