Middlespoon 6.14.18

In a town overflowing with music, it takes something special to garner the kind of sustained enthusiasm Austin’s Middlespoon has seen over the past year. That kind of broad appeal isn’t too surprising considering Middlespoon takes inspiration from all kinds of people to make pop music for ALL people. That means songs like “Someone”, inspired by soul singer Sam Cooke and American drag queen RuPaul. That may not make a whole lot of sense on paper but one listen to their recent performance in Studio 1A and you’ll understand. For DJ/Producer Jinx McGee and vocalist Alexander Beatz, the dance floor is the quickest way to peace, love, and understanding. Middlespoon celebrates the release of their debut album, HouseWife, Saturday, June 30 at the Austin Motel on South Congress. More details and tickets in the links below!



The Austin Motel – Friday, June 30 (More Info)


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