MilkDrive in Studio 1a

Each of the instrumentalists in Austin jazz-grass band MilkDrive have earned various awards and accolades for their skill on the instrument of their choice. Of course, awards are only one measure of how good a band is, and they tell almost nothing about how a band actually sounds together. MilkDrive sounds great together. The band seamlessly blends tradition and innovation to create something that’s old and new at the same time. Their website boasts that they “deliver a distinctive acoustic experience that crosses genres, geographies, and generations,” which says it much better than I could’ve put it. KUT recently hosted MilkDrive in Studio 1a, where they recorded a few live tracks for us. Check them out here!
Milk Drive – “Run & Hide”
[audio:|titles=MilkDrive Tk. 1]
Milk Drive – “Tom’s Ranch”
[audio:|titles=MilkDrive Tk. 2]
Milk Drive – “Leavin'”
[audio:|titles=MilkDrive Tk. 3]

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