Paul Thorn at KUTX 8.17.13

Paul Thorn may have been serving up knock-outs in the boxing ring before releasing several critically acclaimed records, but his blues-rock take on Americana packs just as heavy of a punch. Having been raised in Mississippi as the son of a Pentecostal preacher before his stint of professional boxing, Thorn’s evident gospel influence is no shock, nor is his gritty, passionate delivery on even his more traditional rock n’ roll songs. Paul’s lyrical narratives draw just as much from sources of lighthearted humor as they do from poignant reflections on love and life, and his latest album, What The Hell Is Goin’ On?, offers a rootsy and raucous collection of covers each with a unique imprint of Thorn’s inimitable style.
Check out Paul Thorn’s set from this past Saturday!

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