Possessed by Paul James 1.18.16

Texas musician, Konrad Wert, also known as, Possessed by Paul James, dropped by Studio 1A today and shared some of his music as well as some information about his upcoming documentary When it Breaks.

Drawing his name from his grandfather Paul and his father James, Konrad has a distinct resonating sound that ranges from bluegrass, folk and a bit of punk. Utilizing his ability as a multi-instrumentalist as well as his strong, vehement vocals, Konrad shows off his talent that echoes like a thunderous roar in his songs that is truly galvanizing. The one man band is also a teacher of special education by day but has decided to take a break to tour around the country, emphasizing a focus on advocating for special education reform, which is being filmed as a documentary titled, When it Breaks.

Possessed by Paul James will be performing at Lamberts Friday January 22nd so make sure to get tickets while they’re still available. You can also stream his music here on KUTX.

-Andrew Conroy

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