Rattletree Marimba @ KUTX 02.16.2015

Rattletree Marimba aim to get you dancing… and they will succeed!

Founded by Joel Laviolette and featuring Sean Harvey, Alex Casmiro, and Daniel Dufore, Rattletree unleashes a combination of  the ancient and modern, or, more specifically, a fusion of African-style marimbas and unabashed electronica. Playing on enormous hand-built instruments, the group’s stage show, known for its relentless energy, also includes video projection and choreographed dance routines. Rattletree’s last EP Joy practically radiates with intensity, yet the band manages to find a balance between their uplifting rhythms and dark synths. The band also includes an always welcome, if unexpected, take on “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” that fits into the mix with ease.

Rattletree Marimba & Joel Laviolette will be performing at Map Jam on February 21st at Pan Am Park and you can stream their music live right here on KUTX.

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