Seratones 8.23.19

Photo courtesy of The Seratones

Shreveport, LA’s Seratones blasted off back in 2016 with their gritty proto-punk/southern garage rock debut, Get Gone but the band has emerged from their three year chrysalis more soulful and self-assured than before. The intermingling of punk and soul makes sense for singer AJ Haynes, who grew up singing in church but found that “punk and garage were the closest thing I could find to the feeling that I found in church growing up,” she told Jody Friday afternoon.

The Seratone’s just-released sophomore record Power is a clear evolution from their raucous whiskey-tossing debut. Don’t be mistaken, theres still plenty of foot stomping grooves on the new record, but Hayne’s has turned her microphone towards a country in social and political turmoil–and with a voice like hers, it’s hard not to listen.

Check out the full interview and all the songs from her Studio 1A session below!

Host: Jody Denberg

Audio: Jake Perlman

Producer: Deidre Gott




Got to Get to Know Ya




Full Session w/ Interview

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