Wye Oak 8.11.16

Photo by Lisseth Lopez

The duo, Wye Oak, have been around for a decade now and have never stopped expanding their sound and writing great songs. The group formed in Baltimore, Maryland, like many indie greats of the time (e.g. Beach House, Animal Collective), and have always pushed forward in their artistic styling, never sticking to a specific genre. The group is strongly rooted in the beautiful and entrancing voice of Jenn Wasner, but the duo have incorporated a large mix of guitars, synthesizers and drums across their records and songs.

Their latest record, Tween, is a collection of  what can be called in-between-record songs. Between their widely successful, guitar-oriented record, Civilian (2011) and their synthesizer-based Shreik (2014), a collection of songs that didn’t properly fit either album piled up. Therefore, Tween is not necessarily a way for the band to move in a completely new direction, but to link these two awesomely different record sounds together. It’s a great collection of 8 tunes that blur the lines of Wye Oak’s unique and amorphous style.

Catch Wye Oak perform tonight, August 12th, at The Mohawk with Tuskha. If you can’t wait for the show, then check out their visit to Studio 1A in the links below.

–Will Maxwell

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Listen to their Studio 1A performance here

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