Yukon Blonde 11.13.17

Canadian rockers Yukon Blonde make melodic, driven indie pop with an edge. Originally formed in Kelowna, British Columbia, the band packed up and moved to Vancouver–renaming the act from Alphababy to Yukon Blonde. Through the next six years they would appropriately grow and reinvent themselves, losing their bass player and going on a self-imposed hiatus before arriving at their current iteration. With their latest album, On Blonde, Yukon Blonde seems to have struck a balance. With pulsing bass lines and silvery synthesizers, the band showcases both their garage rock sensibilities and their glitzy pop songwriting. Yukon Blonde combines the best of both worlds to make music that is biting, glam-charged and infectious. If you missed their session in studio 1A, look no further. Check it out below!

– Harold Urteaga

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