A. Sinclair: “They Breed And Say Hello”

After years of releases that touched on folk and country, Austin’s A. Sinclair firmly established itself with rock-and-roll swagger on 2014’s Pretty Girls. It sounded like a distillation of singer/guitarist Aaron Sinclair’s longtime influences: hardcore bite, but sweetened with harmonies and memorable riffs.

The new Get Out Of The City keeps heading down that particular path, filled with quick, punchy bursts. The band is tight and tense, coiled like springs that explode on every chorus. “They Breed And Say Hello” hammers home a staccato riff, matching Sinclair’s lyrics bite-for-bite.

Get Out Of The City is out May 13 via Dangerbird Records. A. Sinclair plays live in Studio 1A tonight at 8:30 p.m. and at the ABGB on Saturday, May 14.

–Art Levy

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