A Thousand Plateaus: “Even The Sun Has A Dial”

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A Thousand Plateaus: “Even The Sun Has A Dial”

Posted by on Oct 6, 2020

Back in the late ’80s there was this post-punk quartet About The Poets, and while we haven’t heard from that iteration of ATP since ’88, the Wisconsin four-piece has recently re-emerged under the new handle¬†A Thousand Plateaus.

Listening to their debut eight-track makes you question whether those three decades even went by, since A Thousand Plateaus¬†maintains that early indie rock and cold wave style that made ATP’s understated alt-rock a must-listen in the first place. Keep your fingers crossed that this is only the inaugural landmark from A Thousand Plateaus, and bask in the time-transcending album opener from ATP’s eponymous rebirth, “Even The Sun Has A Dial”!

Jack Anderson

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