Borrisokane: “Feel Your Evil / Clean Bill of Health”

A band is like a family, but for Austin’s Borrisokane that sentiment is literal, with siblings Derek and Rebecca Asuan-O’Brien and Rebecca’s husband Josh Denslow making-up half of the group’s line-up. Possessing an intimate likemindedness, they seamlessly create a light, electro-pop head-boppper cherried by the vocal support of sweet-tasting “wahhhhhs” with a wailing garage-rock guitar solo growling out of the center of the song’s landscape. But it’s that 60 or so seconds of overlap between the two sounds, a kind of courtship between the glockenspiel and guitar, that really fêtes your ears with the unique texture and flavor that have earned Borrisokane their reputation for masterfully playing with sound. Even at it’s happiest, Derek’s vocals are as a beautifully droning foil, never letting you forget that, true to their sound, this is an electro-pop track dipped in gloom.

Borrisokane is playing the Nothing Song’s benefit show for American Gateways tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlie’s.

-Taylor Wallace / producer, Ekelektikos with John Aielli and SoundCheck Music News; host, Thursdays 8-11PM and Saturdays 2-6PM

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