Capyac: “Movement Swallows Us”

If you’ve been longing for a marriage of deep house energy and yacht rock vocals, Austin’s Capyac is fresh off the boat with what you need. Billed as a “dance music act with style,” the duo (comprised of Delwin “Potion” Campbell and Eric “P Sugz” Peana) replicates the intricacies of their studio recordings and transitions effortlessly on stage, with recent sets running as long as three hours.

While other live electronic groups like Disclosure and Poolside heavily rely on four-to-the-floor beats and a consistent BPM, Capyac offers a refreshing range of rhythms and tempos influenced by hip-hop and disco as well as classic house to fuel their aural sophistication. Movement Swallows Us is a particularly ethereal addition to Capyac’s catalogue, featured on the EP of the same name. Dreamy arpeggios and an 808 boom bass line carry the calmly delivered lyrics to a chorus full of swelling synths and drum hits–serving as a perfect primer for their latest album, Headlunge.

Capyac has just released their own fashion line and are currently in the works on a ten-episode comedy web series: “Capyac in the Studio.” Headlunge is out now via Bandcamp.

–Jack Anderson

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