Charlie Belle: “Growing Pains” [PREMIERE]

When you name your musical project after your great-grandmother, chances are family is pretty dang important. That’s undeniably the case with brother-sister duo Charlie Belle, who’ve been rockin’ crowd and filling headphones since their move to Austin ten years ago.

This year marks drummer Gyasi’s eighteenth birthday and guitarist-vocalist Jendayi’s twenty-first but don’t take age as an indicator of maturity or talent; Charlie Belle is already two records deep, with international acclaim and recognition at mainstream music festivals under their belt. The Bonds siblings’ natural chemistry speaks for itself and they’re keeping up with their indie-pop origins with ten new tunes! What started as their first-ever full-length was split into two five-song EPs: Looking For Magic releases next Spring and their third EP Like I Love This comes out September 25th. Charlie Belle kicks off a regional EP release tour tonight at the Mohawk with openers Hippo and Indoor Creature.

Rest assured you’ll be hearing some live snippets from Like I Love This and you can get a jump start on the new Charlie Belle right now with the premiere of “Growing Pains”!

Jack Anderson

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