Click-Clack: “Last Song” [Prod. Ballteam]

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Click-Clack: “Last Song” [Prod. Ballteam]

Posted by on Nov 12, 2018

Local lyricist Eric Mikulak rocked house parties at the helm of his RATM-meets-RHCP group Karmatron for years before focusing on his solo rap career as Click-Clack. This self-imposed hip-hop hermit has since produced around five hundred tracks for himself and others and just when you think he’s mastered his craft, Click-Clack puts out yet another end-all release.

Click-Clack’s latest endeavor is also his most commercially accessible one, the full-length Blue Eyed Black Boy, a the fourteen-song treasure chest of introspective and infectious trap, produced almost entirely by Mikulak and his Ballteam partner Swish Fifty. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, soul-crushing and all around bangin’ and it’s been out for a whole week! Check out the album’s closer, and one of many on Blue Eyed Black Boy that’ll convert you into someone who enjoys autotune, “Last Song”!

Jack Anderson