Daniel Steinbock: “Out of Blue”

For lack of better terms, Bay Area native Daniel Steinbock keeps himself busy. An avid designer, photographer, coder, ethnographer and educator, Steinbock somehow still manages time to write and record his eponymous solo material. And if you can imagine someone locking Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam, Neil Young and Walt Whitman in a room until they wrote a song together, you’ve pretty much got Steinbock’s sound.

Following up his two introductory EPs, Steinbock is set to release his first ever full-length, Out of Blue, this Friday. The record is rooted in indie folk with a color palette of jazz, rock, gospel, country and blues tracing throughout Steinbock’s seductive songwriting. If you can’t wait a whole two days for Steinbock’s debut LP, get a free download of Out of Blue‘s title track right now!

Jack Anderson

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