Darkbird: “All There Is” (Free Week Preview)

Each song by Austin’s Darkbird sticks a finger in a different sonic slice of the indie-rock pie, but their sound is purely and undeniably rock. You’ve got all your major players here: dark guitars; chompy, understated drums; and lofty vocals from frontwoman Kelly Barnes who’s voice sounds like it would be at home in any style, and has simply picked rock as its primary outlet.

“All There Is” glides on the wings of the Darkbird. Opening with repeated, staccato chords, you know what’s coming is leaden with emotion. The 3/4 time gives the song a feeling of effortlessness, manifesting into swaying shoulders and carefree head-nods. The effortlessness of the music is bleakly juxtaposed with lyrics about crying out for help from the verge of a breakdown.

“All There Is” appears on I Remember Feeling My Fingers Slip, out now via Bandcamp.

Darkbird Free Week Shows:
Tonight: Hotel Vegas
Friday: Empire Control Room
Saturday: Cheer Up Charlie’s

–Taylor Wallace // host, Saturday 2p-6p, producer, Eklektikos and SoundCheck

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