Diana Burgess: “Beast” [PREMIERE]

Fans of neo-classical Austin outfit Mother Falcon are already familiar with the insane talent behind master cellist Diana Burgess, but even the most hardcore Falconers haven’t heard everything she has to offer. Burgess was quietly working on her solo debut when she was struck by the sudden loss of three grandparents in just one month. But rather than let the grief discourage her process, Burgess turned those powerful emotions into a vehicle of empowerment and tribute for the upcoming You Run, co-produced by Curtis McMurtry.

Diana doesn’t shy away from heavy subject matter on You Run, instead challenging listeners to keep up with Burgess’ poignant lyrics and haunting vocals, not unlike the intensity heard in Feist or Fiona Apple. You Run is out on Juneteenth, and today Diana Burgess has unfurled its eerie lead single with each layered instrument performed entirely by Burgess, “Beast”!


Diana Burgess

Jack Anderson

Photo: Marshall Tidrick

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