Dreamboat: “Spent The Day Lying In Bed”

Ready to reignite your attraction to local music all over again? We’ve got a Dreamboat lined up just for you. Founded in early 2015 by vocalist Mary Bryce and guitarist Will Maxwell, Dreamboat has since grown to become a recognizable, finely-tuned Austinite five-piece. Dreamboat’s 2015 debut EP Strong Legs, exhibited the group’s songwriting range and undeniable cohesion as collaborative musicians.

Dreamboat’s latest single, “Spent The Day Lying In Bed” offers a sneak peek into the group’s upcoming “mini record,” Loose Tooth due for release November 11th. The song offers all the mellow and positive vibes that lend themselves to Dreamboat’s namesake through Bryce’s gentle vocals, cleanly articulated guitar melodies from Maxwell and Jake Miles, and Harrison Anderson’s well-rounded bass progression, all married by Paul Pinon’s relaxing drum rhythms.

Jack Anderson // host, Saturdays 6-10 a.m., producer, SoundCheck

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