Foot Patrol: “Tickle Tac Toe”

If you’re looking to up your day-to-day strutting skills, you’re overdue for some sonic podiatry, courtesy of Foot Patrol. Once you get past the initial shock and come to accept this Austin eight-piece’s dedicated lyrical interest in bipedal appendages, you’re bound to have a funked up good time. Since the release of the debut album Toetry in Motion in 2006 (recorded and performed live as a duo between frontman/keyboard virtuoso TJ Wade and producer/bassist Hung Nguyen), Foot Patrol has grown to include a three-piece horn section and dance/choreography duo.

Foot Patrol’s soulful harmonies, fun lyrics, moving basslines, punchy horn hits, Shaft-esque wah guitar, and warbling synths all lend to an 80s electro-funk sound similar to Parliament/Funkadelic, Cameo, and Zapp. “Tickle Tac Toe” is a prime example of everything that makes you want to see Foot Patrol live in concert again and again where you can, you know, move your feet.

“Tickle Tac Toe” was recorded live in KUTX’s Studio 1A. Foot Patrol plays Friday, September 2 at Stay Gold, debuting its label Barefoot Nation Records.

Jack Anderson // host, Saturdays 6 – 10 a.m., producer, SoundCheck

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