Frightened Rabbit: “The Woodpile” (Live At The Four Seasons)

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Frightened Rabbit: “The Woodpile” (Live At The Four Seasons)

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015

Photo by Claudia Crobatia

It’s interesting that Scott Hutchison started playing under the Frightened Rabbit moniker as a nod back to his childhood nickname. He may still think of himself as shy, but the Scottish band is anything but, matching in-your-face riffs with the kinds of pop hooks that are tailor-made for outdoor festivals. Since forming more than a decade ago, Frightened Rabbit has only gotten bigger, culminating in a major-label effort (and a critical smash) with 2013’s Pedestrian Verse.

Hutchison returns to town for a solo show tomorrow night at the Mohawk, benefiting the prostate cancer nonprofit 1400 Miles and their upcoming bike ride from Austin to Denver. Back in 2013, Hutchison played a solo set for us live at the Four Seasons during SXSW. Whether it’s with an acoustic guitar or his full amped-up arsenal, his songs carry serious weight. Download “The Woodpile” below.

–Art Levy

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