Golden Dawn Arkestra: “Allo Allo Boom”

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Golden Dawn Arkestra: “Allo Allo Boom”

Posted by on Jun 25, 2019

If you’re a hardcore jazz fan, a quick glance at the name “Golden Dawn Arkestra” might make you scoff. I mean…can they do that?!¬†Just infringe on Sun Ra’s legacy?! Well you can cool your spit valve, Coltrane, because although this ensemble does¬†mimic Sun Ra’s intergalactic mythos and Ancient Egyptian-inspired wardrobe, they’re a lot less about ethereal free jazz and a lot more about high-energy disco-funk-afro-beat.

Their solar-powered sound and striking, psychedelic shows have earned Golden Dawn Arkestra a sea of disciples since their formation and just last Friday they teamed up with us to unfurl a brand new music video. Golden Dawn Arkestra is about to spend a couple months touring Western Europe, but you can say hello to a new explosion of sound with, “Allo Allo Boom”!

Jack Anderson