Good Talk: “Heart Attack”

Austin’s Good Talk takes the grimy comfort of ’90s college rock and glosses it with the brightness of contemporary indie rock. The group names Built to Spill and Pavement as heavyweight influences, and a number of tracks from their self-titled debut LP (released this past May) sound like this meeting point. Their music keeps a consistent energy that doesn’t want you to get too serious or too hyped.

The album’s opening track, “Heart Attack,” starts the album on a bright note, even as it details confused love and mild heartache. Jake Lauterstein’s mildly-apathetic-though-interrogative lyrics and laid-back vocal style punctuate the song’s power: it evokes memories of carefree summers when your biggest worries were where you were hanging out and whether so-and-so was going to be there.

“Heart Attack” appears on Good Talk, out now via their Bandcamp. Catch them at the Sidewinder on July 14.

–Taylor Wallace

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