Henry + The Invisibles: “Whoa”

Multi-instrumentalist Henry Roland is quickly changing what it means to be a one man band. Based out of Austin, Henry + The Invisibles incorporates the sheer songwriting finesse of Elton John with the technical virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix in his loop-based arrangements. Roland’s abilities on guitar, bass, keys, and vocals coalesce for high-energy performances filled with seamless transitions between instruments and songs – all while the man himself has the time of his life onstage.

Recently the world was graced by Henry + The Invisibles’ debut full-length album, MUSAIC, which showcases Roland’s songwriting and performance talents as well as the undeniable fluidity of his songs when heard in succession. While MUSAIC covers a lot of sonic territory with a complete listen, the sophomore track “Whoa” exhibits everything that makes Henry stand out: smooth R&B vocals over a chopped up jazz piano sample (evocative of ’90s hip-hop) and a funky bassline culminating in a sing-song-y rap verse and a soulful saxophone solo.

“Whoa” appears on MUSAIC, out now.

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