Kat Edmonson: “(Just Like) Starting Over”

Growing up in Houston, movies were a big influence on Kat Edmonson. She identified with the larger-than-life stories, but more importantly, she got swept up in the grandeur of the soundtracks themselves. It’s no surprise that when she started making her own music it would have the same sweeping scope of a good film cue. Edmonson’s stellar third album–last year’s The Big Picture–made this cinematic influence overt by providing a lush orchestra for Edmonson to play with.

Her roots, though, are much humbler than her big sound would suggest. Edmonson started out singing jazz standards above coffee shop chatter. A gig at Vino Vino led to a chance encounter with Lyle Lovett, which eventually turned into a performance on The Tonight Show and worldwide tours. Though she calls New York home these days, her show tonight at ACL Live is something of a homecoming for the former Austinite. For today’s song of the day, we’ve pulled one from Edmonson’s very first Studio 1A session. Way back in 2009, she offered up an impressionistic take on John Lennon’s “(Just Like) Starting Over”–download it below!

–Art Levy

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