Lady Lamb: “Strange Maneuvers”

What started off for Aly Spaltro at a video rental store in mid-2000s Brunswick, Maine has since blossomed into Lady Lamb. Now at two EPs and three LPs, Lady Lamb has been chopping through the conventions of indie for some of the most honest, heartfelt songwriting you’ll ever hear.

Spaltro spent a good amount of time off the grid for her latest record, Even in the Tremor, in the process uncovering vulnerability, self-acceptance and a commitment to creating only what is necessary in light of anxiety and life’s other afflictions. Even in the Tremor came out last month and Lady Lamb’s been on the road ever since, continuing with a show tonight at Antone’s! Be sure to catch Spaltro onstage and negotiate Even in the Tremor with one of the album’s centerpieces, “Strange Maneuvers”.

Jack Anderson

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