Lillie Mae: “You’ve Got Other Girls For That”

Well before the release of her 2017 debut album, Nashville songwriter Lillie Mae Rische had already established an ever-traveling lifestyle with an exposure to hundreds of musicians, sounds, and venues in her adolescence. She’s no stranger to national recognition, thanks to her sibling group Jypsi, and Lillie Mae’s recent solo work has gained the attention of The Raconteurs and Robert Plant, both of whom she’ll be touring with this summer.

This exciting news comes alongside the announcement of Lillie Mae’s sophomore full-length, Other Girls, celebrating personal victories over a meshing of Americana and folk, all performed by her intimate band of family members and close collaborators. Other Girls is out August 16th and Lillie Mae is back on the road in just a couple weeks but today, let’s enjoy the brand new music video for the album’s haunting title track, “You’ve Got Other Girls For That”!

Jack Anderson

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