Lindi Ortega: “The Comeback Kid”

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Lindi Ortega: “The Comeback Kid”

Posted by on Nov 13, 2018

With the current popularity of Red Dead Redemption IIGodless, and Westworld, Nashville singer Lindi Ortega couldn’t be more at home. Over the past two decades, this Toronto-born songwriter has wowed international audiences with her soaring vocals and jaw-dropping skills on guitar and piano.

Earlier this year Ortega released her fifth full-length, Liberty, a Spaghetti Western-inspired record that sounds somewhere in between Ennio Morricone and Emmylou Harris. Lindi’s lyrics simultaneously embrace and challenge the Western mythos on Liberty (and again on Liberty: Parkhill Sessions), and wraps with Ortega riding off into a sunset of seductive sonics. Lindi Ortega performs tonight at The Parish, so be quick on the draw with a free download of Liberty’s midpoint, “The Comeback Kid”!

Jack Anderson