Madisons: “In My Pocket Forever”

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Madisons: “In My Pocket Forever”

Posted by on Jun 24, 2014

Photo by Richard McBlane

Austin’s Madisons come from some pretty disparate backgrounds. Frontman Dominic Solis picked up the guitar relatively late in life, finding it in his twenties during a stint in the military. The other members’ musical resumes are just as fascinating: a Misfits cover band, a mariachi upbringing, even a classically-trained viola player all play a role in Madisons. Perhaps this helps explain the band’s ramshackle energy, which is built as much on punk rock power as it is on a love for classic country.

Madisons’ second album, the awesomely-titled You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas!, revels in both beauty and ugliness. “In My Pocket Forever” is a murder ballad balanced by a triumphant arrangement. While Solis sings of desperate characters, the trumpet and fiddle help the song explode like a long-lost Uncle Tupelo deep cut.

Catch Madisons’ album release show at the Saxon Pub on Saturday, July 5.